Septic Tank Service

Septic Tank and Grease Trap Cleaning and Maintenance

If you don’t know where to start when it comes to septic tanks and grease traps. Call A-1 Septic Tank Cleaning for a free estimate or consultation. We offer the residents and businesses of Shawnee County, KS and the surrounding areas, a variety of services that include:
  • septic tank pumping, cleaning and maintenance
  •  holding tank pumping, cleaning, and maintenance
  • grease trap pumping, cleaning and maintenance

Septic Tank and Holding Tank Pumping and Cleaning

You can trust us to quickly and effectively pump and clean your septic and holding tanks. On average a household septic system should be pumped and cleaned out every three to five years to work effectively and to increase the life of your tank. Our licensed professional will pump your tanks in a timely and clean manner then inspect and evaluate your tanks for any damage or needed repair. We will also consult with you on ways to maintain your tanks between cleanings. We believe educating our clients on maintenance can be beneficial for their tank and home.  
A-1 Septic Topeka KS — Residential Septic Pumping in Topeka, KS

Grease Trap Pumping and Cleaning

Cleaning a grease trap the old fashion was can be disgusting and time consuming. Leave it up to the professionals at A-1 Septic Tank Cleaning to clean out your grease trap and keep it functioning sufficiently. We offer both residential and commercial services. You can trust A-1 Septic Tank Cleaning to save you time and money. Our team is licensed to pump and clean out your trap and properly dispose of the waste. 

Our team of specialized technicians have the tools and skills to help you clean and maintain your grease trap. We offer regularly scheduled maintenance to keep your drain lines clean and reduce grease build up. We will also regularly pump your grease trap to ensure it does not overflow. We schedule maintenance depending on the amount of grease that is generated by the kitchen. We typically recommend cleanings on a quarterly basis. Call our office today for a free estimate and consultation at (785)286-2202.
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